Frequently Asked Questions


What is Basic MAN and what's included?

Basic Man is a monthly subscription service that will deliver three essential pieces to your doorstep: a t-shirt and one pair each of boxer briefs and socks. Colors and styles will vary each month. It's time to say goodbye to those saggy tees, stained underwear and socks with holes in them!

Are these received "Basics" mine to keep?

Yes, thankfully this is not an underwear rental, so everything you pay for and receive is 100% yours.

Are these products only meant to be worn as "underwear"?

Actually, no! This is premium material, to serve as daily casual, athletic, or loungewear. Also be advised that as we transition to our latest and greatest basic composition, some shipments may still feature past classics. For additional product and styling content, visit our Learn More page.

What should we do with over-worn Basics?

Your undergarments naturally lose their wear and tear, so don’t be caught over-wearing your pieces ;) If you are unable to locate where in your area accepts the recycling of our products, we strongly encourage you to donate them instead.

What will I be charged?

For the monthly subscription plan, you will be billed $19.99 USD each month, until you choose to cancel. For the prepaid plans, you will be billed a one-time fee based on the length of your selected plan. After your plan expires, that same plan is scheduled to auto-renew for you. We accept all major credit cards along with PayPal.

What countries you ship to?

We ship worldwide! Domestic (USA) shipping is free, while it’s an additional $5 USD for shipments to Canada, and $7 USD throughout the rest of the world.

Are there individual store item purchases and/or gift options that I may pursue?

We do have an online store, for you to purchase items individually or in bundles, additionally to your subscription! You can also subscribe to any monthly or prepaid plan as a nonrenewable gift, along with sending your recipient a custom email message ;)

When will I be billed again?

You will be auto-renewed on the 1st of the next scheduled month for your monthly or prepaid plan, so you don't have to resubscribe each month on your end! If you subscribe within the last two weeks of any given month (ex. January 25th), then we will not renew your account until the 1st of the month after next (ex. March 1st), so that your first two billing dates are not so close together.

How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You can cancel or pause your monthly re-billable subscription anytime by logging into your account and navigating to your Account Settings. Please note that canceling a subscription does not automatically give you a refund as canceling subscriptions only cancel future renewals and shipments.

Can I customize my monthly packages?

We'll ask for your size preferences as you sign up. Otherwise, all colors and products will be selected for you, and we are unable to customize monthly packages any further.

How do I even know my size?

We’ve been there, gents and gals. Luckily, there are Size Guides made available to you throughout the checkout process ;)

Can I select different sizes?

Absolutely! You can access and update your account settings before any renewal date, or reach out to [email protected] to request any changes directly. We may offer a one-time courtesy replacement shipment in the event of an improper fit. Our socks, meanwhile, are “basically” one-size-fits-all.

How do I update my shipping address and/or payment information?

You can make changes to your subscription plan by logging into your account and accessing your settings. Kindly make sure your account information remains up to date before each scheduled renewal date, or else the person at your old address will be wearing your underwear...if you are unable to perform mail forwarding then reach out to [email protected] to proceed with replacement procedures.

When will my package ship?

Once you're billed we will do our best to ship your first set of basics within approximately 5-10 business days. Due to unforeseen human delays, sometimes this may take a little longer, and we appreciate your patience. All following monthly renewals will process their packages for shipment typically by the 10th of each month.

Where can I find my tracking information? 

We will email you your tracking link automatically once your package ships!

Where is my shipment? The tracking suggests it might be lost.

We are sorry to learn if this is the case! If your local postal service isn’t able to assist you directly, kindly reach out to [email protected] so a customer support agent can proceed with replacement procedures.

One of my items is damaged - that's not good, right?

You are correct, sir or madam! Please first always provide us with a screenshot of the damaged item, to [email protected], and then we will replace it ASAP!

What is your return/exchange/refund policy?

If your Basics don't fit and/or you receive the wrongly sized item in error, we're happy to replace them for you free of charge. Otherwise, we do not offer return postage or accept returns at this time.

I want to come back - will I receive duplicates of anything?

While we do have our classic favorites in colors and styles, we do our best to avoid too many repeats. Any account billed in the same month is subject to receive a similar package that month. Please email [email protected] for further assistance.

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