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How It Works

Basic MAN makes it easy, all you gotta do is pick your sizes and a monthly plan. Then just sit back and pop a cold one. 

Select Your Size

Pick your sizes. Exchanges are always free. 

Pick A Plan

Choose from a monthly or a pre-paid plan.

Check Your Mail

Sit back and relax. Your package is on it's way. 

Throw Away Your Old Basics

Just about everything in your life has an expiration date, and guess what? Your underwear should too! Our basics have "destroy by" dates, and really, we encourage you to toss them when they expire.

What To Expect

Each month, Basic MAN will send you a t-shirt, boxer-briefs and socks. Don't worry, you're not gonna get the same colors and styles over and over. The last thing you need to do is go underwear shopping.

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